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About Untangle Addiction

At Untangle Addiction, we believe there are strong underlying forces driving every addiction that must be understood, overturned and uprooted to correct the problem. We refuse to believe those of us and our loved ones who are afflicted with addiction are moral failures. So much essential information surrounding the conversation of addiction is ignored, avoided, or misunderstood. We want to fix that. Dr. Marcus De Carvalho, founder of The Center for a Healthy Mind and Wellbeing, is championing the cause to bring a better understanding of addiction to the public and help all those who are affected.

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Join a fellowship of like-minded, caring people having a conversation surrounding the challenges, hope, and inspiration we share. We believe conversation is one of the most powerful tools we have for steering the addiction problem toward a solution.

About Dr. Marcus De Carvalho

Dr. Marcus De Carvalho is a Medical Doctor who specializes in addiction medicine and psychiatry. He is board certified and is a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc. Dr. De Carvalho is the president and founder of The Center for a Healthy Mind and Wellbeing. Dr. De Carvalho is also credentialed at local hospitals where he treats patients who are in need of medical detox from addictive substances or are in need of psychiatric stabilization.


Dr. De Carvalho possesses a wealth of knowledge in psychiatric and addiction medicine. He is an expert in a number of disorders and diseases and is often consulted by local news outlets concerning issues of addiction and psychiatric health matters. Recently Dr. De Carvalho was interviewed on NBC’s First Coast living about the opioid epidemic in Jacksonville. Passionate about addiction medicine, he believes that every person deserves the opportunity to regain a life that allows them to become a functional member of society and to lead a happy, fulfilling life.